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I love to bake. I started learning with my parents and family, and I have been baking a lot in the recent past. I’m looking forward to sharing some of my own recipes—ones I make regularly and rely on—as well as new recipes I try, ones I find or adapt, and some from family and friends—along with any other interesting baking and food content I can think of (there is a lot of cool stuff out there!).

I bake a lot at home and (as part of this project and my life’s mission to make and eat patisserie) I’m setting off to try baking new and different things—baked goods, cakes, bread, pastry, and more! I’m hoping to be able to break recipes down simply, and share some tips I find useful (and perhaps pitfalls I fall into?) along the way. Things don’t have to be perfect - because we’re just cooking and eating. Bake with me! I’m planning to publish regularly. Oh, and, I should add—confections and cooking allowed :)

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